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Here are some recommendations for the safe use of fireworks:

1.  Always obey federal, state, and local laws when purchasing and using fireworks.

2.  When using fireworks, adult supervision should ALWAYS be utilized.

3.  NEVER handle, or use, fireworks after consuming alcohol or any other impairing substance.

4.  Always use fireworks outdoors and in an area that is free of overhead obstructions. 

5.  Survey the area where you intend to use fireworks for material that may be flammable and/or dry and remove those items from the area BEFORE using your fireworks.

6.  It is important to have water, or a fire extinguisher, close by in case of a fire.

7.  NEVER smoke around, or while using, fireworks.  Keep all open flames a safe distance away from your fireworks during storage and use.

8.  It is important to keep all spectators a safe distance away from where fireworks are being used in case a device tips over and fires towards them.  To prevent tipping, ALWAYS use fireworks on a flat surface such as:  concrete, asphalt, sturdy plywood, etc.

9.  NEVER try to relight a dud firework.  If you do encounter a firework that does not fire (a dud), let it sit where it is for at least 20 minutes before approaching it.  Then, it is best to soak the dud with water and place it in a container away from open flames and other fireworks.  If you purchased this item from us, Half Price Fireworks, we will replace the item for you free of charge.  So, don't risk injury by using a dud item.

10.  It is very important to wear safety glasses while shooting fireworks to protect you eyes from flying debris.  It is also recommended that those who shoot fireworks wear non-synthetic clothing such as cotton which are more flame resistant than materials such as polyester.  Preferably, shirts should have long sleeves and it is advisable to wear pants instead of shorts to protect from burns.  Also, wearing a helmet is recommended when shooting aerial devices to protect your head from falling debris.

11.  It is important to monitor everyone with lit sparklers.  Make sure that no one runs around with sparklers or handles them in a way that could burn another person or themselves.  The ends of sparklers burn at extremely-hot temperatures and can cause severe burns.

12.  Before you discharge fireworks, it is important to make sure that pets are contained in a safe area where they can not come into contact with lit fireworks.  Also, remember that pets, and livestock, may be frightened by fireworks.  Out of courtesy, all neighbors with pets and livestock should be notified that you intend to use fireworks as well.  Therefore, your neighbors can take preventative measures to protect their animals.

13.  NEVER modify or disassemble fireworks as it is extremely dangerous!  It takes years to master the skills required to manufacture and work with pyrotechnics and it is a very dangerous profession.

14.  Always consider the weather conditions before shooting fireworks.  Windy conditions may carry fireworks effects and sparks to areas that you did not intend them to go causing fire.  The wind may also carry these effects and sparks towards your audience causing injury.  A sudden rain may ruin fireworks as they will become too unreliable and dangerous to light after being soaked with water.

15.  To prevent burns on your fingers, light firework's fuses with extended "grill" lighters or punk.  Most fireworks stores will provide you with free punk lighting sticks with your purchase.  Here at Half Price Fireworks we always provide you free punk lighting sticks.

16.  NEVER carry fireworks in your clothing/pockets.  If they were to become lit, they could cause severe burns and/or other injuries.

17.  NEVER place any part your body over the top of lit fireworks.  Fireworks shoot projectiles at extremely fast speeds and can cause severe injury and death if you are struck by them.  Also, never point fireworks at another person, animal, or object. 

18.  Always store your fireworks in a cool, dry place.  Also, keep your fireworks in a safe, secure area where children and unauthorized individuals can not access them during your absence.


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