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Handheld fountains 1: Silver waterfall with crackling. 2: Beautiful golden waterfall.
Price: $3.99
Take Cover
Extra loud breaks with red, blue, and silver strobes.
Price: $12.99
Tank with Report
Tank rolls forward shooting silver strobes and loud reports.
Price: $1.29
Tank with Report
Tank rolls forward shooting silver strobes and loud reports.
Price: $7.99
Texas Pop Rocket
Super sized bottle rocket w/report.
Price: $3.99
That Arthur Dude's Sword
Silver Fountain with Silver Glitter and Red and Blue, or ​Gold Fountain with Gold Glitter with Red and Blue.
Price: $4.99
The Bomb
Filled with firecrackers that go off all at the same time!
Price: $1.99
The Four Elements
Each pack contains one each of the following effects: A. Gold flitter spider firefly. B. Big crackling breaks. C. Gold photo flash strobe. D. Red with silver strobe. SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $9.99
The Red, White, & Blue Salute
A Brothers classic back at HP! Red, white, and blue tails up to big, loud breaks of red, white, and blue. The shots are straight up, 5 at a time, or angled in volleys of 3. A Brother’s classic.
Price: $18.00
Thunder Kat
5 shots of BIG, loud color breaks. 5 shots of flash booms. 5 shots of BIG, loud color breaks. 5 shots of flash booms. 5 shot quick finale!
Price: $24.99
Thunder Stix
The name says it all. 10 thunderous BOOMS per candle!
Price: $6.99
Top Gun Firecrackers 40/16
Loud Firecrackers! 640 total. 40 packs of 16
Price: $5.99
Super fast spinning tornado with red and green. A super fun novelty!
Price: $0.99
ON SALE! Color palms with crackling.
List Price: $9.99
Price: $7.99
Uncle Sam 40/16
Top Quality Firecrackers!
Price: $6.00
Universe Boats
Wonderful ground spinning with red flame and silver spray. Then, loud and dense crackling.
Price: $3.99
ON SALE! Sparkling gold willow with red and blue, green and lemon, green glitter, or popcorn crackling.
List Price: $9.99
Price: $7.99
Blue with red plum, white strobe with red plum, red plum with crackers, 2 shot finale shot in a V of red plum with crackers.
Price: $14.99
War Gears
If you're going to war with your neighbor, make sure you have the gear; shells, multishots, and fountains!
Price: $69.99
War Machine
Lemon, red, purple, green, and blue pearls, all with silver tails; a rapid fire candle with more than 3 shots per second!!!
Price: $14.99
Watch Out
ON SALE! Silver ground spinners with crackling.
Price: $0.99
Whistling Buster
Whistling tails to big breaks of red, green, gold, multicolor, silver and golden willow.
List Price: $9.99
Price: $8.99
Whistling Moon Travelers
Bottle rockets with whistle and report.
Price: $8.99
Whistling Pete
Very shrill whistle to big, bright silver strobes.
Price: $2.49
VERY LOUD breaks with crackling, and VERY LOUD breaks with gold willows!
Price: $27.00
Wicked Sister
If you like Wicked, you'll love her sister; same huge, loud breaks, but with color. Blue & green with silver strobe, alternating with red & green with silver strobe!
Price: $27.00
Widow Crackers
From the same factory that makes our famous Black Widow shells! These crackers have plenty of bite.
Price: $2.99
Huge gold spiders with red, green, or blue. Two shot finale of gold spiders with crackling.
Price: $14.99
Wild West
ON SALE! Shoots 5 shots at a time: 1st volley: Red tail to Red starburst 2nd volley: White tail to White starburst 3rd volley: Blue tail to Blue starburst 4th volley: Green tail to cyclone spinners w/reports 5th volley: Gold Crackling tail to Gold Crackling stars
List Price: $21.00
Price: $18.00
Willow Forest
Beautiful gold willow mines up to giant gold willows. Great effect!
Price: $16.99
Wiz Bang Boom
The name says it all!
Price: $14.99
Small but MIGHTY! Big breaks of red, green or crackling.
Price: $4.49
You Feelin' Lucky
ON SALE! Super-LOUD, giant breaks! Red tails to purple and green with popcorn crackling.
List Price: $19.99
Price: $16.50
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