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Jungle Beast
ON SALE! HUGE BREAKS! Red with silver strobe, blue with silver strobe, large red self- propelled stars, and popcorn crackling with gold strobe.
List Price: $12.00
Price: $9.99
Starts as a fountain, then 7 shots of gold and crackling comets reach for the sky to starbursts of red and green!
Price: $3.99
Fast action gold ground spinner to bright silver strobe. 6 pieces per pack
Price: $1.99
Kick Ass
Gold willow with gold strobe, gold willow with red strobe, gold willow with white strobe, and silver crackling chrysanthemum finale.
Price: $9.99
Killer Bee
BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! (Limit 2) Green, red, and silver fountain with 6 buzzing bees.
List Price: $3.00
Price: $2.79
Killer Krackers
Very Loud Firecrackers, individually fused, for hours of Fun!
Price: $1.49
Land of Oz
Join Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion for a stroll down the yellow-brick road. Caution, watch out for witches and flying monkeys.
Price: $8.99
Laser Fountain
Very bright flashes make this the best strobe that we have. Ends with a whistle.
Price: $1.49
Lightning Smoke
A. Strobing to red smoke. B. Strobing to white smoke. C. Strobing to blue smoke. Price is per piece.
Price: $1.49
Little Bugs
These little guys spin in a red glow and fly off with green and red lights, ending in a shower of silver flowers.
Price: $4.99
Longshot 5" Super Shells
Big, bold, powerful shells with special effects. Fully loaded 60 gram shells! 18 Shells. HOLD YOUR EARS!
Price: $79.99
Look Spider Sky
Colorful streamers look like spiders as they gently float in the sky with nothing burning. Great for kids to chase! DAYTIME FUN
Price: $5.99
Mammoth Smoke
ON SALE! The sky becomes filled with a large volume of white smoke.
List Price: $1.50
Price: $1.29
BIG BREAKS! Red tails to red stars, blue tails to aqua stars, red tails to purple stars, and green tails to lemon stars. All shots with bright crackling strobes, and a four shot finale!
Price: $14.99
Red and green crackling palms, red and green to giant popcorn crackling. 3 shot finale!
Price: $17.50
Max Pop Firecrackers
Box of 36 quality, loud firecrackers with waterproof fuses.
Price: $3.99
Mean Alien
Volley of silver whistling tails to big breaks of red, green, silver strobe with lemon, bloody red, and purple. Volley of red and green crackling. Ends with a 4-shot finale of crackling chrysanthemum with red.
Price: $18.00
Mercurial Bee
Whistling lazy spinner to loud crackling strobes.
Price: $12.99
Mighty Cobra
Shoots LOUD crackling silver comets high into the sky!
Price: $9.99
Military Paratrooper
A: Blue smoke B: Whistle C: White glitter with crackle ALL WITH A TOY SOLDIER ON THE PARACHUTE! DAYTIME FUN
Price: $7.99
Mine Blowing
Two layer crackling mine. The lower mine is white strobe stars to popcorn crackling. The higher mine is big popcorn crackling.
Price: $16.50
Mini Cone
A great summertime treat! Orange: orange spring waterfall to red, green, blue & silver dragon. Red: red spring waterfall to gold crackling chrysanthemum. Green: green spring waterfall to silver chrysanthemum with red, yellow, and green pearls. Purple: purple rain waterfall to red & green bees (crisscross). Price is per piece.
Price: $3.49
Mini Cuckoo
Purple, red, and green stars with plenty of whistling going on.
Price: $2.49
Silver palm tree with pink, gold willow with colorful strobes, and gold willow with blue and red.
Price: $9.99
Moon Travelers
Zips high in the sky with report.
Price: $7.99
Most Wanted
Big, beautiful gold palms, with blue stars, red strobes, or white strobes. 3 shot finale!
Price: $17.50
Mr. and Mrs. Pakman
ON SALE! The cute couple starts with color, and ends with loud crackling strobes.
List Price: $3.99
Price: $2.49
Popcorn crackling with purple pearls.
Price: $9.99
Nap Time
Red, white, and blue lace effect. Green, purple, and gold lace effect. Red, green, and purple finale of crackling.
Price: $24.99
Naughty Ape
ON SALE! Red and silver stars, with lots and lots of loud crackling snowballs, followed by strobing red eyes!!!
List Price: $3.99
Price: $2.99
Naughty Dog
The Naughty Dog takes a dump as a black snake erupts and then farts (crackles). Do not use indoors as it will stain your carpet. Fold out the bottom to stand the dog up.
Price: $2.99
Navigation Mark
Excellent strobes ending with a colored torch. Silver, yellow, red, blue, and green.
Price: $1.49
Brocade crown with red and blue, brocade crown with purple and green, and brocade crown with crackling rain.
Price: $14.99
Neon Candle
Neon colors of orange, red, green, and lemon! SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $10.99
Neon Forest
Bright neon breaks of blue, green, peach, and yellow that fade into twinkling red vampire tears.
Price: $18.00
Neon Mirage
Red and blue with silver glitter, purple and green with popcorn crackling, blood red with green strobe, and gold willow with red strobe.
Price: $15.00
Neon Morning Glory
Super bright neon colors! Neon purple, neon yellow, neon red, and neon green; all with silver sparks.
Price: $2.99
Neon Show
ON SALE! Silver crackling mines to red, green, blue, lemon, and purple with either silver glitter or silver crackling.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.99
Neon Sparklers
Very bright colors of red, yellow, blue, green and white, all with silver waterfalls. Made in Japan.
Price: $2.99
Night Invasion
The invasion starts with gold willows. Next, a three shot volley of blue stars with silver fish attacks. Then, blue & yellow breaks are followed by green stars with silver flying fish. The invasion ends with a big-crackling mine finale.
Price: $25.00
Night Monster
MAXIMUM LOADED CANS! Premium effects: red strobes, palms, popcorn crackle, beautiful spiders, willows, color to crackle, color to color strobe, and more! All with super loud, super large breaks. 24 Shells.
Price: $99.99
Night Stalker
Super loud whistling and crackling rockets.
Price: $2.99
Nishiki Kamuro
Giant, gorgeous, sparkling-gold willows that hang in the sky forever!!
Price: $45.00
No. 10 Color Sparklers
Red, green, and gold sparklers with wood handles for safety.
Price: $2.99
No. 18 Gold Sparklers
Long lasting gold sparklers with wood handles for safety.
Price: $3.50
No. 300 Top Gun
1/ Red and Blue with Green Glitter 2/ Brocade Crown to Red Green with Crackling Chrysanthemum 3/ Brocade Crown to Red Green with Silver Glitter 4/ Red Green and Silver Palm with Crackling Rain PRICE IS PER PIECE.
Price: $9.99
No. 7 Conic Fountain
Good height – Great colors – strobes and crackling – “consume mass quantities.” 4 per pack.
Price: $5.99
Noisy Flashy
Crackling mines up to loud breaks of deep blue with crackling, intense purple with crackling, bright red with crackling, and grass green with crackling! 4 shot finale!
Price: $17.50
One Inch Bomb
Six 1” Ball Shells Good things come in small packages. Assorted colors & effects.
Price: $9.99
Oranges and Grapes
Purple with silver strobes and orange with silver strobes.
Price: $17.50
ON SALE! BIG fan shaped fountain! Red, green, silver chrysanthemum. Beautiful golden yellow flower with blue. Finale of big silver crackling with red.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.00
Parachute Mission
White strobe or crackling parachute. One parachute per tube. Day or night use.
Price: $1.99
Paradise Valley
BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! (Limit 2) Super loud crackling with blue stars.
List Price: $3.00
Price: $2.79
Party Popper
Pull the string on these miniature champagne bottles for a blast of confetti.
List Price: $1.50
Price: $0.99
Crackling palms with red, lemon with gold willow, and silver flowers with purple, lemon, and blue.
Price: $8.50
Pickup Truck
Throw the dog in the back and go for a ride. Forward with whistle, red stars, and crackling. Then, throw it into reverse for a repeat performance.
Price: $4.99
Pink Fuse
20ft. rolls of high quality 3mm Perfect Fuse. Fuse Speed = 9.0-10.5 sec/feet LIMIT 2 with $50 purchase of other items.
Price: $9.99
Pink Smoke
HUGE volume of bright pink smoke!
Price: $2.99
Pirate's Treasure
Blue torch with gold flitter. Blue stars with big silver crackling snowballs. Lemon and silver strobe crackling. Blue with silver flashing snowballs. Green and blue with gold flower crackle. Blue and gold with sizzle. Red and blue with gold crackle snow.
Price: $7.99
Popcorn Snowballs
Red and green crackling snowballs. Blue and strobe crackling. Red, green, and blue with giant crackling. Surprise finale with 3 HUGE crackling mine explosions towering to 15 FEET HIGH!
Price: $7.99
Power Ballad
Silver, gold, and red flicker plum effect with HUGE peonies in purple, red, and green.
Price: $18.99
Power Star Legend Firecrackers
ON SALE! Quality firecrackers! 40 packs of 12 firecrackers = 480 firecrackers total per pack.
List Price: $5.99
Price: $4.99
Preferred Customer Card
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Price: $0.00
Puffer Fish
ON SALE! Silver tails to red, green, and silver fish that squiggle & swim through the sky!
List Price: $9.99
Price: $7.99
Purple Lightning
Purple to silver strobe, purple to gold strobe, purple to gold willow, and purple to big popcorn crackling!
Price: $24.99
Crackling tails to purple with silver twinkle and alternating breaks of purple with popcorn crackling. FAST PACED ACTION!!!
Price: $9.99
Pyro Castle
Artillery shells, multishots, firecrackers, Saturn missiles, smoke balls, fountains, you name it! A great assortment!
Price: $129.00
Quick Fuse
20ft. rolls of high quality 3mm Perfect Fuse. Fuse Speed = 0.1 to 0.3 sec/feet LIMIT 2 with $50 purchase of other items.
Price: $9.99
Racing Champion
Silver tail to golden brocades with red, blue, or green!
Price: $5.99
Red Flame
A red flame projects from the cylinder for more than 30 seconds. A really neat special effect.
Price: $6.99
Red Tornado
Big, red dahlias with silver strobe, gold willow, or popcorn crackling.
Price: $24.99
Red flicker plum effect with purple, lemon, orange, and red peony.
Price: $18.00
Rocket Fuel
A. Red, green, and blue. B. Yellow palm with crackling C. Red palm with silver strobe. 2 pieces of each rocket.
Price: $8.99
Ruby Red Strobe
Gourgeous!! Red mines rise up to beautiful ruby red strobes!
Price: $18.00
Safety Fuse
Burn Rate - 30 sec. per foot. LIMIT 2 with $50 purchase of other items.
Price: $4.99
Brocade tail to golden brocade crown. Crackling mines to crackling.
Price: $8.99
Screaming Hawk
SUPER LOUD BOOM! with various colors and effects.
Price: $27.00
Screaming Madly
All shots have whistling tails. Red & crackling, blue & crackling, purple & crackling, and green & crackling. Then, 3 at a time fan-shots of red strobes, silver strobes, flying fish in blue, bloody red with blue stars and silver strobes, and a 5 shot finale of red palm with silver strobe.
Price: $14.99
She Said
Whistling silver tails to big pink starburst!
Price: $8.50
Shogun 6 Driver Color Changing Wheel
Red torch with gold spray and green torch with gold spray.
Price: $3.99
Silver Strobe
1 1/2 minutes of bright flashing silver strobe. Price is per piece.
List Price: $1.49
Price: $1.49
Single Day Parachute
The parachute launches and opens. Then, it floats gently to the ground. Kids love to chase and catch them! Great daytime fun!!!
Price: $4.99
Single Night Parachute
This night parachute launches skyward and floats down with a flare.
Price: $4.99
Sky Lantern
These giant hot-air balloons gently rise into the air creating a beautiful soft glow against the night sky.
Price: $3.99
Sky Rumble
Gold willow mine to blue dahlia (big stars), sea blue dahlia with gold strobes, gold strobing tails to purple dahlia, pink dahlia with gold strobes, gold strobing mine to teal and peach with silver strobe.
Price: $15.99
Sky Trooper
GREAT DAYTIME FUN FOR KIDS! Shoots 100 ft. into the sky releasing a red parachute with a green army man that descends to the ground.
Price: $2.49
Slice of Pie
Gold palm with green strobe, silver wave with crackling, red strobe, and popcorn crackling.
Price: $9.99
Smoke Balls
12 colored smoke balls in each bag. Box of 72 smoke balls for $7.99!
Price: $1.49
Smoke Grenade
These two grenades emit white smoke.
Price: $0.99
6 pieces per box. 6 boxes per pack.
Price: $1.39
Throw on hard surface and BANG!! Loud top quality snaps! 1 pack contains 50 snaps. 49 cents a package. Display box of 40 packs of snaps $17.99.
Price: $0.49
Snaps on Steroids
Super-powerful, super-loud red snaps. These snaps are as loud as a firecracker! 20 snaps per box.
Price: $1.99
Snow Wand
Beautiful, silver, cool-burning safety sparklers!
Price: $2.99
Spectral Bat
Silver buzzing tail to a super, heavy volume of crackling! Alt: 90 feet!
Price: $2.99
White strobe with red pearls.
Price: $9.99
Star Maker 100 Shots
Rapid fire shots of very bright silver strobes. Light up the night!
Price: $5.99
Star Wars 4
1. Gold tail to silver flitter. 2. Gold tail to red & silver. 3. Gold tail to silver with crackling. 4. Gold tail to green with crackling.
Price: $9.00
Starlight Candle
Assorted color tails to bangs.
Price: $3.50
Steel Venom
Super-loud canister shells with amazingly-beautiful breaks that fill the sky!
Price: $39.99
Strobe Light
Silver strobes.
Price: $0.99
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