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Blue Thunder
Blue tails to loud reports.
Price: $4.99
Bomb Shooter
Red, yellow, green, and blue chrysanthemum with loud reports. 280 SHOTS
Price: $9.99
Candle Barrage 100 Shot
Colored tracer fire attacks the sky!
Price: $5.99
Crackling Candle
Bright crackling strobe tails light up the night sky!
Price: $4.99
Neon Candle
Neon colors of orange, red, green, and lemon! SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $10.99
Starlight Candle
Assorted color tails to bangs.
Price: $3.50
The Four Elements
Each pack contains one each of the following effects: A. Gold flitter spider firefly. B. Big crackling breaks. C. Gold photo flash strobe. D. Red with silver strobe. SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $9.99
Thunder Stix
The name says it all. 10 thunderous BOOMS per candle!
Price: $6.99
Wiz Bang Boom
The name says it all!
Price: $14.99