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5" Chameleon
ON SALE! Color change artillery shells. Loud, big breaks! 24 shells.
List Price: $99.99
Price: $79.99
5" Make it Rain
Gold titanium willows with white strobe. Gold titanium willows with blue. Gold titanium willows with timerain chrysanthemum. Gold titanium willows with crackle. Gold titanium willows with green strobe. Gold titanium willows.
Price: $99.99
5" Super Neon Color Nishiki
ON SALE! One each of the following effects: 1: Nishiki willow with red & sky blue 2: Nishiki willow with purple & green 3: Nishiki willow with lemon & sea blue 4: Nishiki willow with pink & orange 5: Nishiki willow with green & sea blue 6: Nishiki willow with red & green 7: Neon red 8: Neon purple 9: Neon green 10: Neon sky blue 11: Neon lemon 12: Neon orange
List Price: $59.99
Price: $56.00
500 Grams - 2 Minute Extravaganza
Red palm with green strobe. Green palm with gold strobe. Red, blue, and silver strobe. Purple & green with crackling. Silver flying fish in blue. Brocade crown with red and blue. Golden wave with gold glitter. 2 rapid-shot finales!
Price: $59.99
500 Grams - Agent of Boom
8 salutes shot one by one. Then, 5 gold willows to strobe, shot one by one. Then, 8 salutes shot one by one. Next, 5 gold willow to strobe shot one by one. Finally, a volley of 8 salutes is followed by a finale of gold willow to silver strobe.
Price: $54.00
500 Grams - Battleship
Big red dahlia with crackling. Big red strobes. Zipper of bushy crackling silver comets with red & green heads. Volley of red to green strobe. Volley of silver spinners to red strobe crackling.
Price: $39.99
500 Grams - Break the Silence
Red tails to red palms with crackling. Volley of 3 angled shots of gold brocade with silver glitter. Blue tails to red palms with silver strobe. Volley of 3 angled shots of silver palms with crackling rain.
Price: $27.99
500 Grams - Dragon Fighting
Brocade tails to beautiful gold brocades with blue or red. 4 shot finale.
Price: $39.00
500 Grams - Flower Power
Gold crown with green. Gold crown with red plum. Gold crown with dark blue. Gold crown with purple. Finale of gold crown to giant crackling.
Price: $59.99
500 Grams - Hammer Time
ON SALE! Gorgeous gold willows with silver strobes. Gorgeous gold willows blue stars. 6 shots rapid fire of gold willow with silver strobe. 6 shots rapid fire of gold willow with blue stars. 3 shot finale of gold crackling willow. Second 3 shot finale of gold crackling willow!
List Price: $56.00
Price: $52.00
500 Grams - In Your Face
3 stage effects fill the sky with crackling mines to middle and top effects. Beautiful red, blue, and green falling leaves, whistling tails, brocade crown, gold palms, color strobes, gold crackling chrysanthemums and more!!
Price: $54.00
500 Grams - Iron Fists
Bushy silver tails to blue with crackling snowball chrysanthemums. Silver spin tourbillions to big breaks of brocade crown with silver strobe. Silver spin tourbillions to big breaks of blue and red with strobe. Blue over red strobe mines up to golden brocade crown with crackling chrysanthemums.
Price: $39.00
500 Grams - It's Pyro Time
ON SALE! Silver strobe mines up to red with silver strobe. Blue with ruby red strobe. Rapid fire silver strobe mines up to orange and green strobe. Red, blue, green, lemon, and purple dahlias. 3 shot finale of crackling with red, green, and orange dahlias. Second 3 shot finale of crackling with blue, lemon, and purple dahlias!
List Price: $56.00
Price: $52.00
500 Grams - Light Brigade
Crackling with red and blue, red and blue falling leaves, squiggly fish with blue, spinning silver whirlwinds, and a great crackling finale! A Brothers classic!
Price: $39.99
500 Grams - National Security
HUGE crown willow changing to red. HUGE crown willow changing to white strobe. HUGE crown willow changing to blue. SUPER LOUD BREAKS!
Price: $79.00
500 Grams - Precious Metals
Giant gold, silver, or crackling willows. Great 3 shot finale! HUGE breaks! Fills the sky!
Price: $79.99
500 Grams - Psycho Clown
Rapid-fire, rainbow shots of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple mines follow by a rainbow volley of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple breaks. Repeats of the mines and breaks for a total of 6 volleys of 5 shots.
Price: $59.99
500 Grams - Rock On
ON SALE! Shot in a W pattern. Crackling comet tails with a two layer blue and crackling mine in the middle. Volleys of crackling palm breaks!
List Price: $69.99
Price: $65.00
500 Grams - Shooting Starz
ON SALE! Beautiful, bushy, silver-strobing tails up to red, green, blue, lemon, and purple go-getters (self-propelled stars that move around in the sky), shot in waves, back and forth. Ends with volley of silver strobing tails to huge gold willows with silver strobe!
List Price: $69.00
Price: $65.00
500 Grams - Sky Conqueror
FAST-PACED wave-action red comets and silver crackling, shoot back and forth, lighting the night sky! 2 HUGE volleys top off the show.
Price: $79.99
500 Grams - Snail Gypsy
Blue & silver strobe rings. Green to red strobe rings. Red lace & crackling rings. Finale of timerain chrysanthemum rings.
Price: $59.99
500 Grams - Top Secret
Silver whistling corkscrew comets up to crackling chrysanthemum balls. Silver whistling corkscrew comets up to red photo flash & crackling chrysanthemum balls. Finale of red photo flash whistle mines up to red strobe & crackling chrysanthemum. Second finale of green photo flash whistle mine up to green strobe & crackling chrysanthemum.
Price: $69.00
500 Grams - War Game
Gold brocade tails to loud crackling strobes, shot in waves, back and forth. Finale of giant gold willows. 4.5 shots per second!!!
Price: $109.99
500 Grams - Witch Doctor
Blue with red plum. White strobe with red plum. Red plum with crackers.
Price: $59.99
6" Invasion Begins
DOUBLE THUMPERS!! 24 hard-hitting, double-break 6” shells!
Price: $129.99
Best of Tako - 5" and 6" Shells
6 - 6” Mammoth Shells 6 - 6” Ring Master (Donut Shells) 6 - 5” Plutonium Plum Effect Shells 6 - 5” Nishiki Willow Shells
Price: $129.99
Bomb Shooter
Red, yellow, green, and blue chrysanthemum with loud reports. 280 SHOTS
Price: $9.99
Cherry Bomb Firecrackers
200 quality firecrackers per strip.
Price: $2.99
Chicken Little
Chicken Little This little chic packs a punch! Blue with silver fish. Blue with white strobe. White strobe with green falling leaves. Green with white strobe. Blue & green with white strobe. Shot in volleys of 4.
Price: $24.00
Chill in the Fire
ON SALE! Silver strobe mines up to red & blue with silver strobe. Gold strobe mines up to purple & green with gold strobe. Green strobe mines up to red & blue with green strobe. Golden brocade mines up to golden brocade willow.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.99
Drone Strike
Spins and lifts skyward with green light. Then, the drone emits crackling chrysanthemum. Day or night use!
Price: $5.99
Giant Ice Cream Cone
ON SALE! Great Summer treat, with enough to share! 1st Scoop - White vanilla with red jimmies. 2nd Scoop - Spumante-cherry, lime, and blueberry. 3rd Scoop - Golden vanilla with blueberry. 4th Scoop - Gold with big crackling snowballs. 5th Scoop - 2 surprise mines shoot high to sky. Last Scoop - Strawberry with golden vanilla and the crunching of the cone.
List Price: $24.00
Price: $19.99
Mini Cone
A great summertime treat! Orange: orange spring waterfall to red, green, blue & silver dragon. Red: red spring waterfall to gold crackling chrysanthemum. Green: green spring waterfall to silver chrysanthemum with red, yellow, and green pearls. Purple: purple rain waterfall to red & green bees (crisscross). Price is per piece.
Price: $3.49
Nap Time
Red, white, and blue lace effect. Green, purple, and gold lace effect. Red, green, and purple finale of crackling.
Price: $24.99
Neon Morning Glory
Super bright neon colors! Neon purple, neon yellow, neon red, and neon green; all with silver sparks.
Price: $2.99
No. 300 Top Gun
1/ Red and Blue with Green Glitter 2/ Brocade Crown to Red Green with Crackling Chrysanthemum 3/ Brocade Crown to Red Green with Silver Glitter 4/ Red Green and Silver Palm with Crackling Rain PRICE IS PER PIECE.
Price: $9.99
ON SALE! BIG fan shaped fountain! Red, green, silver chrysanthemum. Beautiful golden yellow flower with blue. Finale of big silver crackling with red.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.00
Red Tornado
Big, red dahlias with silver strobe, gold willow, or popcorn crackling.
Price: $24.99
Rocket Fuel
A. Red, green, and blue. B. Yellow palm with crackling C. Red palm with silver strobe. 2 pieces of each rocket.
Price: $8.99
Brocade tail to golden brocade crown. Crackling mines to crackling.
Price: $8.99
Screaming Madly
All shots have whistling tails. Red & crackling, blue & crackling, purple & crackling, and green & crackling. Then, 3 at a time fan-shots of red strobes, silver strobes, flying fish in blue, bloody red with blue stars and silver strobes, and a 5 shot finale of red palm with silver strobe.
Price: $14.99
Handheld fountains 1: Silver waterfall with crackling. 2: Beautiful golden waterfall.
Price: $3.99
Blue with red plum, white strobe with red plum, red plum with crackers, 2 shot finale shot in a V of red plum with crackers.
Price: $14.99