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Captain Sam
HUGE parachutes float to Earth carrying BIG American flags while trailing blue, yellow, green, and purple smoke trails. Best Parachute ever! For Daytime Use
Price: $42.00
Double Parachute Day
Kids love chasing parachutes! 2 parachutes per tube. 6 tubes per pack. Great daytime fun!!!
Price: $6.99
Look Spider Sky
Colorful streamers look like spiders as they gently float in the sky with nothing burning. Great for kids to chase! DAYTIME FUN
Price: $5.99
Military Paratrooper
A: Blue smoke B: Whistle C: White glitter with crackle ALL WITH A TOY SOLDIER ON THE PARACHUTE! DAYTIME FUN. $7.99 for a box of three, or $2.99 each.
Price: $7.99
Mother and Sons Parachutes
Each tube shoots one large parachute along with several smaller ones. Kids love to chase them! DAYTIME USE
Price: $9.99
Patriotic Skydive
Each shot comes down slowly with a smoke trail, a red, white, or blue parachute, and an American flag. Kids love to chase these! For daytime use.
Price: $14.99
Plane Drops Parachute
Plane takes off with green flare but is quickly shot by a Mig. The pilot escapes with a parachute.
Price: $5.99
Single Day Parachute
The parachute launches and opens. Then, it floats gently to the ground. Kids love to chase and catch them! Great daytime fun!!!
Price: $4.99
Single Night Parachute
This night parachute launches skyward and floats down with a flare.
Price: $4.99
Sky Diving
Each shot lifts with a color smoke tail to a parachute with 5 different color smoke trails. 5 shot finale! FOR DAYTIME USE
Price: $45.00