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5 Minute Mammoth Smoke
This is the longest lasting smoke tube that we know of. Each tube produces a heavy volume of white smoke.
Price: $3.99
Freedom Smoke
Color changing from red to white to blue. Heavy volume and bright color!
Price: $1.50
Laser Fountain
Very bright flashes make this the best strobe that we have. Ends with a whistle.
Price: $1.49
Mammoth Smoke
ON SALE! The sky becomes filled with a large volume of white smoke.
List Price: $1.50
Price: $0.99
Navigation Mark
Excellent strobes ending with a colored torch. Silver, yellow, red, blue, and green.
Price: $1.49
Pink Smoke
HUGE volume of bright pink smoke!
Price: $2.99
Silver Strobe
1 1/2 minutes of bright flashing silver strobe. Price is per piece.
List Price: $1.49
Price: $1.49
Smoke Balls
12 colored smoke balls in each bag. Box of 72 smoke balls for $7.99!
Price: $1.49
Smoke Grenade
These two grenades emit white smoke.
Price: $0.99
Strobe Light
Silver strobes.
Price: $0.99