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#10 Bamboo Sparklers
Color sparklers - wood handle for safety. 96 sparklers
Price: $7.99
18" Neon Sparklers
Blue, green, orange, purple, and red, all with gold sparks.
Price: $2.99
5 Minute Gold Sparkler
Beautiful, traditional, long-lasting gold sparkler! 4 sparklers per pack.
Price: $5.99
Blockbuster Colored Sparklers
Red, blue, and green wire sparklers. 72 sparklers per pack.
Price: $7.99
Hanabi Sparkler
Rare Japanese effect. A beautiful gold cascade of elegant special effects.
Price: $2.99
Ice Sparklers
BEAUTIFUL silver waterfall effect! Price is per pack of 6.
Price: $2.99
Morning Glory Sparklers
Red w/silver, gold w/strobes, then green w/silver.
Price: $9.99
Neon Morning Glory
Super bright neon colors! Neon purple, neon yellow, neon red, and neon green; all with silver sparks.
Price: $3.99
No. 18 Gold Sparklers
ON SALE! Long lasting gold sparklers with wood handles for safety.
List Price: $3.50
Price: $2.99
Red, White, and Blue Neon Wands
Red torch with silver crackling waterfall. Blue torch with gold crackling waterfall. Golden torch with gold crackling waterfall. 3 per pack
Price: $4.99
Snow Wand
Beautiful, silver, cool-burning safety sparklers!
Price: $3.99
Strobing Wand
Glitter star waterfall to red, white, or blue with glitter. Ends with brilliant white strobe!
Price: $1.99
Ten Inch Sparklers
SPECIAL EFFECTS! Crackling - multicolor - gold. 96 sparklers per pack.
Price: $9.99