5" Neon Widow Color Changers
Manufacturer RGS

5" Neon Widow Color Changers

COLOR CHANGING GET YOUR BOOM ON! One of each of the following effects: 1: Purple changing to green 2: Sky blue changing to red 3: Orange changing to green 4: Sky blue changing to white strobe 5: Red changing to white strobe 6: Sky blue changing to green 7: Purple, green, and gold strobe 8: Red, sky blue, and lemon 9: Green, sky blue, and gold strobe 10: Red, sky blue, and white strobe 11: Yellow, sky blue, and green strobe 12: Red, green, and sky blue 13: Red and sky blue changing to white strobe 14: Purple and lemon 15: Orange peony 16: White strobe 17: Red and sky blue 18: Green and white with red strobe 19: Purple and sky blue 20: Red peony 21: Green peony 22: Blue peony 23: Purple peony 24: Sea blue peony 24 SHELLS PER PACK Alt: 125 ft.
List Price: $119.00
Price: $109.99

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