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Black Jack
Super quality 5-ball bombette candles: A. Flittering silver tails to flittering silver breaks. B. Gold glitter tails to big crackling breaks. C. Silver glitter tails to big crackling breaks. D. Yellow comet tails to red pearl breaks.
Price: $9.99
Blue Thunder
Back by popular demand! Blue tails to loud reports.
Price: $3.99

Candle King
A.Red tail to red glittering. B.Golden glittering tail. C.Green glittering tail. D.White glittering tail.
Price: $9.99
Color Pearl
Red, yellow, & green pearls to reports.
Price: $3.00

Legend Assorted Candles
An assortment of Roman Candles from Legend. Various colors and effects.
Price: $9.99
Mini Gun
BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! (Limit 2) Don’t be fooled by the size, these roman candles pack a wallop! Red & green pearls. 10 shots per candle. 6 candles per pack.
Price: $3.00

Neon Candle
In stock! Neon colors of orange, red, green, and lemon! SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $8.99
Super Candle
Super powerful lift off to very loud, very bright reports. 15-20 reports per shot, 8 shots per candle.
List Price: $12.00
Price: $9.99

The Big Nasty
Bombette Candles. LOUD, BIG starbursts red and gold.
Price: $11.99
The Four Elements
In stock! Each pack contains one each of the following effects: A. Gold flitter spider firefly. B. Big crackling breaks. C. Gold photo flash strobe. D. Red with silver strobe. SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $8.99

Thunder Stix
LOUDEST CANDLE! The name says it all. 10 thunderous BOOMS per candle!
Price: $6.99
War Machine
In stock! Lemon, red, purple, green, and blue pearls, all with silver tails; a rapid fire candle with more than 3 shots per second!!!
Price: $12.99