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1 1/2" Artillery Shells
ON SALE! WOW! Six artillery shells with assorted colors and effects. Limit 1 at sale price, $7.99 thereafter.
List Price: $9.00
Price: $5.99
1 3/4" Black Widow
ON SALE! GET YOUR BOOM ON! Louder and larger breaks than most brands! 24 shells with two of each of the following effects: Green & silver strobe, blue & silver strobe, large red stars & silver, red and green, purple & green with silver strobe, green strobe with crackle, large green stars & silver, red with crackling, gold willow, red & silver strobe, gold brocade to crackling, and crackling.
List Price: $89.99
Price: $69.99

1 3/4" Excalibur
24 great canister shells with various colors and effects.
List Price: $89.99
Price: $69.99
1 3/4" Neon Widow
GET YOUR BOOM ON! Louder and larger breaks than other brands! Six shells per pack with the following effects: Purple & sky blue with silver strobe, yellow & sky blue with silver strobe, red & green, blue & silver strobe, and red & sky blue with green strobe.
Price: $24.99

Balls of Fire
ON SALE! A grab-bag of canister shells with a lot of different colors: 2 willow with strobe, 2 green and purple, 2 red and green, 2 strobe, 2 green, 2 willow with green.
List Price: $21.00
Price: $18.00
Huge crackling starburst.
Price: $8.99

Golden One
ON SALE! Shells with mine effect and huge gorgeous starburst. Assorted colors and effects.
List Price: $28.00
Price: $24.00
Hoosier Ball Busters
Sales from these artillery shells help keep fireworks legal in Indiana. Each box has 3 color shells, 3 crackling shells, and a launching tube. Thanks!
Price: $8.99

Over the Best
Six loud canister shells! Blue with green strobe, silver strobe willow, red and crackling willow, silver palm and blue, gold willow, and brocade crown.
Price: $24.00
Professional Grade
Canister Shells. 7 - super sized single break shells. 4 - super sized double break shells. 3 - super sized triple break shells.
Price: $55.00

Red, White, & Blue
Three break shells. Each shell breaks with red, followed by white, then blue! Perfect timing! TRULY AWESOME SHELLS!
Price: $24.00
Steel Venom
Super-loud canister shells with amazingly-beautiful breaks that fill the sky!
Price: $39.99

Super  Magnum
These canister shells really pack a wallop. They are so powerful, they came with a professional grade fiberglass tube.
Price: $26.00
The Gold Standard
ON SALE! 6 double break shells; super loud with beautiful effects that fill the sky!
List Price: $28.00
Price: $19.99

Triple Delight
Triple break shells Each kit contains one tube and six triple break shells with various effects and colors. All shells have excellent timing!
Price: $24.00
Whistling Buster
Whistling tails to big breaks of red, green, gold, multicolor, silver and golden willow.
Price: $8.99