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500 Grams - A Midsummer's Nightmare
In stock! Beautiful silver micro-star tails from the ground up to giant long lasting red stars with silver strobes.
Price: $34.99
500 Grams - America Strong
In stock! ON SALE! LOUD and PROUD! Huge breaks of red wave, blue, and white strobes that fill the sky! Finale of golden brocade willows!
List Price: $74.99
Price: $59.99

500 Grams - Beachin'
BRIGHT NEON COLORS. Pink, green, yellow, blue, and red mines shoot in a wave, followed by a wave of big breaks of the same colors overhead. Repeats the action three times.
Price: $42.00
500 Grams - Break the Rules
In stock! ON SALE! HUGE, blue breaks to sizzling gold spiders, to alternating breaks of purple with popcorn crackling.
List Price: $26.99
Price: $24.99

500 Grams - Dollar Rain
In stock! ON SALE! Blue to floating jelly fish, gold brocade to red strobe, gold willow with green twinkling stars, volley of purple to crackling silver strobes, volley of silver crackling spider, and a finale of red and green crackling snowballs!
List Price: $48.99
Price: $39.99
500 Grams - God, Guns, & Pyro
In stock! Beautiful gold tails rise to giant gold willows with red, green, or blue stars!
Price: $27.99

500 Grams - Hot Pink Bomb
In stock! ON SALE! Fills the sky! HUGE pink breaks with silver pistils to HUGE pink breaks with crackling pistils and a two shot finale!
List Price: $89.99
Price: $79.99
500 Grams - K-Geezy
In stock! Glittering-silver micro-star tails up to GIANT silver breaks of crackling, silver strobes, blue, gold, or green. Ends with a 4 shot finale!
Price: $39.00

500 Grams - Nightmare at Dusk
In stock! Silver tails to big breaks of red with gold willow, blue with gold willow, and green with gold willow. The last two shots are shot in a V-pattern to fill the sky!
Price: $16.99
500 Grams - Noisy Glitzy
In stock! ON SALE! Crackling mine with blue, or red, tails to GIANT breaks of blue to red. HUGE popcorn crackling finale!
List Price: $32.99
Price: $29.99

500 Grams - Seismic Activity
In stock! ON SALE! Loud and Proud! Fills the sky! Massive red, silver, yellow, and purple breaks!
List Price: $110.00
Price: $79.99
500 Grams - Shangri-La
In stock! If you like gold, you will love this one! Constant display of gold mines from the ground up to a constant display of huge gold willows! An amazing two-layer effect!
Price: $48.00

500 Grams - Stare Down
Crackling mines to huge breaks of red with popcorn crackling, blue with popcorn crackling, and green with popcorn crackling! Two shot finale shot in a V that fills the sky with multicolor.
Price: $15.99
500 Grams - VENOM
In stock! ON SALE! Shot in volleys of seven with: gold willow with green, green chrysanthemums, big red stars with green strobe, blue with crackling, gold willow with red, whistling silver snakes, and a finale of big time crackling!
List Price: $45.00
Price: $39.99

500 Grams - Xtreme Challenge
In stock! HUGE 2 inch shots of gold willow with crackling, gold willow with silver strobe, gold willow with blue and red, and a two shot finale!!
Price: $39.99
500 Grams - Zombie Outbreak
In stock! Red, green, and white strobes, followed by beautiful golden horse tails and big colorful dahlias. The finale lights up the sky with giant popcorn crackling breaks. Shoots single shots straight up, double shots in a V-pattern, and triple shots in a W-pattern.
Price: $24.99

9 shot Happy
In stock! 9 shots of red, green, and crackling sky mines.
Price: $1.99
Aircraft Carrier
In stock! The mighty ship fires it's guns fore and aft, then launches two planes.
Price: $3.99

Animal Utopia
In stock! Small fun fountains. Assorted colors and effects.
Price: $1.99
Baseball Hero
In stock! ON SALE! Blue starburst to gorgeous red and green falling leaves with alternating breaks of big, gold willows!
List Price: $6.50
Price: $4.99

Bombs Bursting in Air
Super loud, giant starburst of red or green.
Price: $7.00
Crystal Skull
In stock! Beautiful red and green falling leaves, red and green squiggly flying fish, and falling silver flitter.
Price: $7.50

Dixie Dynamite
36 quality tube firecrackers with waterproof fuses.
Price: $3.50
Galactic Intruder
In stock! A: Brocade crown with blue. B: Purple pear and green glitter. C: Red palm. D: Silver palm and crackling. HUGE BREAKS
Price: $9.99

Galaxy Discovery
Strobe mines up to red with strobe, purple, and red with white flitter. Crackling finale!
Price: $7.99
Heavy Fire
In stock! Blue with gold strobing spider. Silver, red, and green. 2 shot finale of gold willows with red, green, and blue tips!
Price: $17.50

In stock! ON SALE! Gold willow with green strobes, Red & blue stars with white strobes, and silver flowers with pink.
List Price: $8.50
Price: $6.99
I Pledge Allegiance
In stock! Patriotic breaks of red & blue with silver strobe. 4 shot finale!
Price: $8.99

Indy Car
In stock! Rolls forward with loud silver whistle. Then, a red flame blows from the top. Finally, the car rolls backward to start the race over again.
Price: $3.99
Killer Krackers
Very Loud Firecrackers, individually fused, for hours of Fun!
Price: $1.49

Look Spider Sky
In stock! Colorful streamers look like spiders as they gently float in the sky with nothing burning. Great for kids to chase! DAYTIME FUN
Price: $5.99
In stock! BIG BREAKS! Red tails to red stars, blue tails to aqua stars, red tails to purple stars, and green tails to lemon stars. All shots with bright crackling strobes, and a four shot finale!
Price: $14.99

Military Paratrooper
In stock! A: Blue smoke B: Whistle C: White glitter with crackle ALL WITH A TOY SOLDIER ON THE PARACHUTE! DAYTIME FUN
Price: $4.99
Mine Blowing
In stock! Two layer crackling mine. The lower mine is white strobe stars to popcorn crackling. The higher mine is big popcorn crackling.
Price: $14.99

In stock! ON SALE! Silver palm tree with pink, gold willow with colorful strobes, and gold willow with blue and red.
List Price: $8.50
Price: $6.99
Naughty Ape
In stock! Red and silver stars, with lots and lots of loud crackling snowballs, followed by strobing red eyes!!!
Price: $2.99

Neon Candle
In stock! Neon colors of orange, red, green, and lemon! SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $8.99
Neon Rain
Description coming soon...
Price: $25.00

Neon States
Limited quantities! Neon red and sky blue with gold strobes. Purple and green with gold strobes. Neon red and lemon with gold strobe. Finale of crackling willow w/multicolor stars.
Price: $12.99
No. 500 Crackling Chrysanthemum
ON SALE! Huge burst of golden crackling that fills the sky! .
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.99

No. 500 Gold Wave with Red
ON SALE! Huge burst of gold spreading across the sky with red stars.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $12.99
In stock! ON SALE! Crackling palms with red, lemon with gold willow, and silver flowers with purple, lemon, and blue.
List Price: $8.50
Price: $6.99

Pink Fuse
20ft. rolls of high quality 3mm Perfect Fuse. Tested Fuse Speed (2017) = 9.0-10.5 sec/feet
Price: $4.99
Pink Smoke
In stock! HUGE volume of bright pink smoke!
Price: $2.99

Pirate's Treasure
In stock! Blue torch with gold flitter. Blue stars with big silver crackling snowballs. Lemon and silver strobe crackling. Blue with silver flashing snowballs. Green and blue with gold flower crackle. Blue and gold with sizzle. Red and blue with gold crackle snow.
Price: $6.99
Power Star Legend Firecrackers
ON SALE! Wow! Quality firecrackers!
Price: $3.99

Purple Lightning
In stock! Purple to silver strobe, purple to gold strobe, purple to gold willow, and purple to big popcorn crackling!
Price: $18.99
In stock! Crackling tails to purple with silver twinkle and alternating breaks of purple with popcorn crackling. FAST PACED ACTION!!!
Price: $8.99

Rocket's Red Glare
Super loud, giant starburst of silver or blue.
Price: $7.00
Showtime 13 Inch Wheel
Loud whistle precedes red spinning wheel with silver and gold showers changing to green spinning wheel with silver and gold showers changing to yellow spinning wheel with silver and gold showers. Start the show!!!
Price: $9.99

Silver Strobe
In stock! 1 1/2 minutes of bright flashing silver strobe.
Price: $0.99
Sky Diving
HUGE crackling mines with parachutes trailing green or blue smoke. 4 shot finale! FOR DAYTIME USE
Price: $29.99

The Four Elements
In stock! Each pack contains one each of the following effects: A. Gold flitter spider firefly. B. Big crackling breaks. C. Gold photo flash strobe. D. Red with silver strobe. SUPER POWERFUL with HUGE BREAKS!
Price: $8.99
The Prey
In stock! ON SALE! Crackling mines to BIG, LOUD breaks of red, blue, or green; all with popcorn crackling.
List Price: $24.99
Price: $19.99

In stock! Super fast spinning tornado with red and green. A super fun novelty!
Price: $0.99
War Machine
In stock! Lemon, red, purple, green, and blue pearls, all with silver tails; a rapid fire candle with more than 3 shots per second!!!
Price: $12.99

Wicked Sister
If you like Wicked, you'll love her sister; same huge, loud breaks, but with color. Blue & green with silver strobe, alternating with red & green with silver strobe!
Price: $27.00